Friday, April 22, 2011


When is it your problem?

How long until the US realizes that it is going to change?

A US city has about 3 days worth of readily available food supply. 3 days. We are 3 days away from becoming barbarians.

How much water do you need to live each day?

How much plastic do you need to live each day?

When will the companies own too much?

When will people realize that you don't have to fight their wars, work for their companies, buy their products, drive their cars, eat their food, listen to their words, watch their distractions, and live their lives?

When will you begin living your life?

When will you take personal responsibility?

When will it stop being their fault?

When will we realize the problem is that we have no personal standards?

When will we accept that we were born to die? When will we start acting like it?

When will people begin realizing that manifest destiny only works in a closed thought experiment?

When will money stop being seen as an indicator of value?

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Anonymous said...

well said, or is it well questioned?? The answers to them all, might be never, or we might never realize the answers I can't figure which one, but it doesn't mean to have to stop asking, people are listening. .