Monday, November 24, 2008

Old, old, old...

This is from sometime long ago. When I first got the MPC. I was to do a show and needed something to play between load times and some added texture. I recorded this direct to the Minidisc player, everything was improvised using the samples I recorded and loaded. The track was then cut up on the Minidisc player.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Acoustic and Acoustic-ish

From a few posts below. Details about these 2 sets.

Porch Session 1

09/13/2008 9:00 AM(or so) - Right after Ike.
Back porch of the crib
Me and Eddie Parsec from Together We are Instruments.



AWAKE : Acoustic guitar, Vocals
Eddie Parsec : Djembe, Modified Keyboard, Mini Kaoss Pad
Recorded live into two unmodified Barbie Karaoke tape recorders.

Pluckluck House Party

08/31/2008 05:30 PM - Potluck house party
Lineup :
Robt. Ellis
Corey Derden
Airon Paul Dugas

I have a recording of the whole show. It's fucking amazing. The other acts basically humbled me with their prowess. And the band brought it hard again as usual, so we sound great too. Thanks to Trey who developed this horrid huge blister on his left finger from the Upright. JD recorded this. JD and Stacey are wonderful people and great hosts.


Live at Walters 10-18-07

Rusted Shut

1st time seeing Alarma! They were tight.

Best Rusted Shut show I have seen.

AWAKE was me and Trey this time.


Monday, November 10, 2008


Hooray to 4 more years of lies and injustice.
Hooray to more thievery and murder.
Hooray to stupid shit ideas of change.
Hooray to more anti Palestinian sentiment.
Hooray to pro war stance.
Hooray to economic policies that support inequalities.
Hooray to conspicuous, thoughtless, consumption.
Hooray to the corporation.
Hooray to pulling the wool over the eyes of the public again.
Hooray to the continuation of the injustice system.
Hooray to control.
Hooray to the yes/no mindset.

Monday, November 3, 2008


What have we done?
What have we done?
Fostered sickness, avarice, greed, resentment, humiliation, Degradation, enslavement, ignorance, rapaciousness, and murder.
What have we done?
What have we done?
Created art, science, language, worth, liberty, and communication.
What have we sacrificed?
And what for?
What do you want?
To be validated?
Are the festering sores gouged in our planet not enough?
Must you write your name across the landscape so indelibly?
What have we forgotten?
Community, responsibility, affection, pride, respect, and most important,
Most important of all,
Not justice for those who participate in wanton hedonism and Destruction.
Justice for life itself.
We are becoming anti-self.
What do you want?
To be venerated?
At the cost of justice?
Is it so important to be heard?
Listen then.
Shut up and listen.
You will hear yourself.
The ultimate judgment.
Look around you.
What have we done that is so just?
What makes the difference?
You want to be a rock star?
Fuck your rock stars.
The music doesn't come from them.
It was always here.
You want to be a businessman?
Fuck your businessmen.
The value doesn't come from them.
It was always here.
You want to be a prophet?
Fuck your prophets.
The idea doesn't come from them.
It was always here.
Why is it so important to have the masses hear your words?
Do you think they have not been said before?
You want change?
No you don't.
Change comes from within?
Tell that to a bullet perforated body.
Tell that to a herd of cows.
Tell that to your so-called god.
Tell that to a slave.
You want people to listen to you?
Say something relevant.
Better yet.
Act different.
You can proselytize all day and night.
You will be ignored.
Just as this is being ignored.
You say this is too serious?
Life is serious business.
If you don't take it seriously.
If you don't act responsibly.
If you don't thirst for justice until you die.
You are wasting the one thing given.
Your mind.
Find justice now.
Look hard.
And realize that the replication and mass distribution of your voice Only adds to the chorus of wastrels that sing day and night to the Unconcerned.
Willful ignorance is no excuse.
Gurus will not save you.
Religion will not save you.
Science will not save you.
A few moments of fleeting pleasure will not sate you.
If you are not taking steps to move forward.
To take responsibility for your life and actions.
Then you are but a stumbling block.
Impeding true moral progress.
These atrocities are in your name.
When you do nothing you are an accomplice.
Complicit in the very actions you rage against.
You can't vote for change.
Or we would have voted ourselves out of the briny depths millenia Ago.
We are out of balance.
And there shall be a reckoning for us.
And it shall be just.
But you won't see it as such.
You will wonder:
What happened to my CD's
My DVD's
My happiness
My cheesebuger
Where did my Sunday drive go
My pets
My food
My life?
A life that you have been careless and wasteful with.
People are asking these questions now.
And bemoaning the fact that life is not fair.
Yes it is.
It is just.
It is a swift and brutal justice.
And all your constructs of plastic and metal
Your houses of chipboard and Tyvek
Your bank accounts
All your lies will fall around you like ashes
Once the fiery, stifled mouth of justice
And consumes you.