Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'll see you. I'll hear you. I'll feel you. But you'll never be here in front of me. It goes like that though. I am lucky you left that big imprint in me. Whenever I think I have something brilliant to say, I'll stop and think of what you would have said that trumped it. And with such matter of fact clarity. Such obviousness.

The universe got better because you joined it finally.

RIP Tony Patt.

My friend.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I am circuit building, bending, and fixing now. You can email me at pleasewakemeup@gmail.com for prices etc...

All of these are already out there in the world. I have ONE EFX Looper waiting for labels and ready to go.

First up is the benders standby a Speak and Math. It has a glitch switch, a loop switch, 1/4" out, and a pitch mod. I didn't get crazy w/ this one as I had only the one.

Next is a bent Barbie Karaoke machine. Thanks to Pete Edwards at Casper Electronics for the inspiration for this one! It has an adjustable tape speed, tweakable echo/delay parameters, 2 1/4" mono inputs , one 1/8" stereo input, 2 selectable 1/4" outs, a gain pot, and a master power switch.
Kids keyboard. I added a switchable 1/4" out, gain switch, and pitch mod. The coolest thing is that this keyboard will record up to 7 seconds of your key presses and repeat them back to you, but only once. I added a circuit so that it will repeat the phrase as many times as you want and at user set variable intervals. Basically turned it into a little backup machine. This particular model records the presses of not only the keys, but also the drum buttons, not every model does this, so also it can sub as a super lo-fi drum machine.

EFX Looper/True bypass pedal, noise madness.