Monday, February 2, 2009

I am circuit building, bending, and fixing now. You can email me at for prices etc...

All of these are already out there in the world. I have ONE EFX Looper waiting for labels and ready to go.

First up is the benders standby a Speak and Math. It has a glitch switch, a loop switch, 1/4" out, and a pitch mod. I didn't get crazy w/ this one as I had only the one.

Next is a bent Barbie Karaoke machine. Thanks to Pete Edwards at Casper Electronics for the inspiration for this one! It has an adjustable tape speed, tweakable echo/delay parameters, 2 1/4" mono inputs , one 1/8" stereo input, 2 selectable 1/4" outs, a gain pot, and a master power switch.
Kids keyboard. I added a switchable 1/4" out, gain switch, and pitch mod. The coolest thing is that this keyboard will record up to 7 seconds of your key presses and repeat them back to you, but only once. I added a circuit so that it will repeat the phrase as many times as you want and at user set variable intervals. Basically turned it into a little backup machine. This particular model records the presses of not only the keys, but also the drum buttons, not every model does this, so also it can sub as a super lo-fi drum machine.

EFX Looper/True bypass pedal, noise madness.

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