Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sticky Green

If climate change and pollution are some of the biggest hazards humanity has faced, why is it that we only have one big conference a year? Doesn't it seem to make more sense to have a commission comprised of all the representatives from all the countries that want to participate that...I don't know...say...IS ALWAYS TOGETHER DISCUSSING THIS SHIT!!??!!


And I love the people(mostly affluent white Americans) who are screaming about the whole issue being a sham. I guess all I have to say is, if you don't understand the basic principle of heat accumulation then there's no hope for you. Quick experiment. Take your temperature. What is it? That's right, if you're 'normal' it's around 98.6 F. What does this prove? Well, let's see...everything puts out heat. In fact, does anything produce cold without warming something else up? Ummmmmm...nope. So heat pollution is a reality, as is drought, and so is the acidization of the oceans.

I heard some senator talking to some reporter on some station at some time some days ago. She asked him what was to be done about all of this. He said there was pretty much nothing to be done. That what the higher ups are really doing is fighting about money. The most poignant shit he said was, to paraphrase, that the solution is quite simple but would never be enacted because no one would stand for it. His solution? Tell people they just don't NEED to drive as much. They don't NEED all of the luxuries that are burying them. Yeah, right, try and tell someone not to water their lawn at noon during the summer and see what happens. Logic goes out of the window and the chest thumping freedom fighter that lies dormant in most fat, lazy, fuckheads here comes out with guns blazing. 'You ain't got no right to limit my freedom!'

Haha. We're doomed. Fuck yes.

Oh. And I promise. I'll get some music up soon. The Hard Disk in my recorder is futzed. Guess I'll go make my carbon contribution and buy a new one. Sigh.

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