Thursday, January 17, 2008


From Warren Ellis:

He put 'Whattanight' on his website for a minute. This is what he had to say.

' AWAKE are, if you like, evil shoegaze. They're the people who fucked shoegaze in the night, puked blood in shoegaze's toilet, made a shank in shoegaze's bathroom and cut shoegaze's boyfriend, and then left before dawn with all shoegaze's money. There's just something sleazy about the sound of "Whattanight" that you rarely hear in the field.'

From John Nova Lomax :

He attended a Secret Saturday show we played(12 Jan 08). He gave a great review to Shady Tavern and had a bone to toss to us as well.

'...sludgy, pummeling rock'

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shhh... It's a secret!

AWAKE played at Shady Tavern (1206 20th) in the Heights on the 12th January 2008.

It was great! Our new drummer Derek kills it! It is an honor to be playing alongside musicians of this calibre!

Also playing that day was local hip hop artists Fat Tony and Smash Bro. Fucking great as well! Refreshing, not a bunch of guntalk/rims, etc... Rhymes were tight and the energy was definitely there. Look for these guys to be blowing up and if you get the chance to see a show, don't blow it. FAT TONY'S MySpace

Then the 2 mc's were joined by another guy for some freestyles, he was game tight as well and whereas the songs in their set showed a careful crafting of lyrics and structure, their freestyles were wild and off the chain! Spitting fast and truly freestyling, great! They were kind enough to let yours truly handle the mic for a minute. The beat was cut off to announce that a car was blocking somebody, but prolly a good thing as it cut me off and I didn't have the chance to blow it!

The last act was a local toaster whose name escapes me(Don Dadda?) but he was tight. He was accompanied by the owner of his label(Lions Blood), 'Mr. Belvedere'(aka Ginger Bread Man). Both put on an enjoyable show showcasing a different take on hip-hop than the previous group. Once I find a link for Lions Blood productions, I'll post it.

And Shady Tavern itself is a freaking great place! DO NOT MISS THE CHANCE TO ROLL OUT ON SATURDAYS(if you don't work Saturday as I do...)! You will not regret it! Beer, Wine, BYOL, and a cat cooking Gardenburgers(thanks so much! From one veggie to another!). Support this shit! This is possibly one of the cooler things to do in this city!!! JD rocks!!!!

Secret Saturday Shows.

Thanks to all involved!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Seastack EP

DL the Seastack EP.

Out on the CGR net label.



Floating, falling, moving faster
Dreams of Change and feelings followed
Rivers rise and seas at high tide
Rest your head upon my shoulder
We shall watch this old explosion
Naming the debris that's left
Crashing waves of green now paper
Copper wire nervous systems
Stone mapped out form arteries
Pumping platelets made of steel
Optics spring from vacuum tubes
Phallic pushing back the sackcloth
Stars now big and earth made small
Sand made clear can still be blown
Glassy eyed and taking pictures
Buying pasts and trading futures
Bony fingers rise from earth
Trying to escape the tomb
When was it you got so big?
Opinions hang like clouds of gnats
Burning down the paper people
Lobotomized by CRT's
Desires sold in two dimensions
Wingless flies crawling on windows
Babylon just keep on growing
Broadcasting the new tradition
Words that cut like whips on flesh
Feel me burn now ashes left

It's Surge

Not a condition
Just a way to feel
Not a disease
Just a means of defense
Not an obstacle
Just a chance to pause
Not opposition
Just a need to expand
Not a separate thing
Just so far away
Can't feel anything

I have an answer
To why should/does the plant surge
And try so
And dry so
And cry so

Happy Birthday LP

DL the Happy Birthday LP